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Warning: Topless Man Pics Ahead!

OK, if you’ve stumbled on this post by mistake or out of the blue, I’ll give you a chance to turn back now!  This entry is not (hopefully) automatically posted to Facebook, so I can spare unsuspecting friends a scratch across their mind’s eye.  I’ll stall quite a bit here so that the pictures are ‘below the fold’ for those who don’t really want to see me without a shirt.  For many of you, a mental image of me could be shattered forever.

Consider yourself warned.

The pics below are my ‘before and after’ pics for the Advocare 24-Day Challenge that my wife and I have been a part of over the past 3 weeks and 3 days.  This is somewhat of a companion post to my ‘by the numbers’ post, The Tale of the Tape

(and Scale).  My wife didn’t take pics to post.  She’s a teacher.  I’m sure you can appreciate that.

I, on the other hand, have little shame.

Why pictures?  One, for accountability.  With something like this, its put up or shut up.  When you offer a visual account of your efforts, its hard to deny success or failure.  Two, I think that results in weight loss are often best seen rather than read.  In my case, I certainly think it adds an exclamation point to the results I’ve been able to see in just 24 days.

One comment on the pictures: the ‘before’ pictures were actually from day three.  I took pictures on day one, but I promptly lost them.  So I took the day three pics as backups.  Glad I did.  I also decided to dig out the same pair of jeans for the ‘after’ pics just to be consistent.

Enough stalling…here goes!