I was raised to follow Christ, growing up in a small church in a small north Texas town.  With less than 150 in my high school, I developed a well-rounded appreciation for academics, sports, drama, and the quiet countryside around me.  I came to find my own faith leaving high school and entering college.  Shortly after taking a summer to serve in South America, I felt God moving me to commit my life to serving Him by serving the church.

After 10 years in youth ministry and 5 more in broader roles (along with a couple of sales jobs and online marketing in between), I took a year off (OK, really I lost my job) until being invited to join an amazing team of people at Leadership Network.  We help church leaders move from ideas to implementation to impact.  It is amazing work.  I love it.

I oversee the InnovationLab at Leadership Network, where we bring together groups of 6 teams for a 12-month journey that results in fresh ideas for current models or a jumpstart on something completely new.  When I’m not working, I try to keep up with a couple of great kids and their mom, my college sweetheart.

Tim Nations serves as the Director of InnovationLabs at Leadership Network. | www.leadnet.org | @timnations